Research topics at DTU in Neurorobotics

Our main research interests are about:

  • Human-robot interactions

  Assistive tasks, neuro-rehabilitation, cobots under physical manipulation tasks.

  • Machine learning and AI for Robotics

  Internal model acquisition for online learning and control. Cognitive behavior. Brain-body interplay.

  • Bio-inspired Adaptive Control Systems

  Bio-inspired control architectures for physical systems that operate in unknown and changing environments. Different bodies, different tasks.



Longer perspective: i) to validate our bio-inspired models in realistic, dynamic and rich sensory tasks and environments. The robots will be able to adapt and learn from past experiences.

ii) To open revolutionary robotics paradigms and to discover brain-based methods and technologies, which can be used for assistive living, diagnosis and rehabilitation of neuro-degenerative diseases, and eventually during treatment.NeuroroboticsDTU_short